Trail Races

Not for the Vert-Adverse

June 24-25, 2023

Race the Wolf

Burly climbs and buttery descents in the heart of the American Selkirks. 50 km ultramarathon, 26 km, 8 km trail races, and the all-new Sky Climb.

Race the Wolf
August 12, 2023

Dig Your Grave

Rugged, raw and remote. Stunning views and discomfort. Run 42 km of single track in North Idaho's Cabinet Mountains.

Dig Your Grave

Go Run Idaho Trails

The GRIT North Idaho Trail Series

Race the Wolf | Dig Your Grave | Smokechaser | 
Priest Lake Marathon

The GRIT is a brand-new race series that combines the best of North Idaho's off-road races into three different series of varying lengths. Choose the Short Cut, Long Cut or Grand Cut, and Go Run Idaho Trails!

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