2/5/2017Running a gazillion miles puts a lot of wear and tear on the body in tiny ways we don't even recognize and as I get older the importance of maintenance and a little TLC go a long way in keeping my body happy on the asphalt and dirt. It came as no surprise to me that when I first spotted the "Rollga" at the running trade show in Orlando in November, that this roller was something different AND I was so impressed I ordered 10 for my running friends here in Idaho!! Rollga is based out of St. Cloud, MN and entered the foam rolling market a year ago.

What is different? Check out the contours.

Why? Traditional rollers are a flat surface and we apply a downward 90 degree pressure, creating a pinching or flattening of the muscle fibers we are rolling. With the Rollga there is a 45 degree angle of pressure on each side of the muscle resulting in a more gentler roll, but very effective. As you massage it contours to your body and avoids the bony structures while allowing your muscles to be displaced without pinching them down. The flat points on the Rollga,

target areas that may be knotted up. There are 4 main areas of this roller starting in the center and going out. #1 is the middle contour (for upper back and neck),  #2 (the flat area) is for more direct pressure on knotted up spots, #3 contour is for feet, calves, shins, hamstrings and quads, #4 (the outside flat area) can be used for adductors, psoas and piriformis and again, any knots that need more pressure/release techniques.

With these 4 surfaces of the Rollga available, I found that I have many more options to address muscular issues than a typical flat roller. This has helped me more with my pre-run warmup and post-run recovery rolls. I normally pick 3 parts of my body to work on each day and choose a couple different areas for the next day. Since using the Rollga my muscles feel more refreshed and recovery has come quicker to my 56 year old body allowing me to train without worry.

Rollga comes with a neat elastic carrying strap and exercises are included. On their website you can also view a 52 Minute Tutorial to get a clear understanding and instruction on its uses.

Rollga is completely recyclable AND if you do not feel it has helped you in any way you can return it within 60 days for a FULL Refund.

Check them out at rollga.com.